Analyzing and Assisting in business Implementation
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Research about project
Develop creative business plans
Provision of detail project report
Implement ideas with available resources

Working since the past year, we are dedicated to serving our client at our best. We focus on addressing your problems, correcting them and give beneficial ideas for the profitable income and rise in the market as the challenger.

Our team with creative ideas and strength is the backbone of our consultancy were to keep individual or corporate productive is our main goal. Sarathi Business Consults had a potent way to proceed the work after assembling each need of the client and recommending the best brand solution along with solutions for hurdle in work. According to client liquidity, we execute the plans after analyzing the market status, considering the brand/business reputation and providing flexibility in decision making.

Entrepreneurship and Business founding
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Advisory session to clients
Methodology for executing plans
Formulating business mechanism
Training and Development

Sarathi Business consultant has a motive for sustainable development of corporate sectors or projects. We develop an effective business strategy for our clients acknowledging the company status, human resources, investment to increase productivity. We manage the resources for our client according to individual requirement where human empowerment is immensely focused by us. We train each employee about teamwork and support each one toward empowerment.

Conducting different session of the advisory period for our client about the fruitful business strategy and addressing them about the faulty sector in business/projects with a productive scheme to be implemented. Diagnosing the client business hurdle and loss in production, we resolve them with effective marketing, content writing, and advertising.

Special training for staff according to the business requirement where we train about business strategy, branding, marketing including digital with every technical skill which helps in the overall development of the organization.

Executing business plans
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Business startup and Standard Operation Procedure
Handle all legal and finance sector
Rejuvenate product and services life cycle
Proffer management re-structuring

With creativity and our analysis, we attend to focus on the customer based services with efficient business strategy. To sort out the problem aroused in business, Sarathi Business construct a standard framework for business for better revenue and in-listing overall investment.

We proceed rapid and unique methodology to upgrade certain business/projects by standard brand promotion, business evolution and distinctive product promotion. Our team of professionals has an exclusive strategy of business implementation in both national and international market which start from the bottom line of the business and slowly upgraded which is always customer based.

From a beginner to professionals, we are always there as a company backbone which assists in profitable business ideas with all legal procedures. Company legal cases likewise taxation, VAT, registration cases are handled by Sarathi Business consults. We are oriented toward company revenue, company alliance and customer engagement. We invent innovative measures in business field to reinvent the product life span in market with multiple offers and expertise policies.

Embedded in IT firm
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Website and Software Development
Social Media & Digital marketing

Growing market demand in the digital field had increased the company revenue through digital marketing. We are here to serve you will high diligence, the versatile and creative effort for digital marketing through all social media. This generation of people is mostly encompassed by social media so it is the best place for marketing of individual product and for digital advertisement. Focusing on the age group we implement the creative strategy of digital marketing with the use of graphics and video.

With the specific operation of the team, we formulate software for various online companies and for startups with our professional's developers. In today’s digital world we work to make wok digitalized in the working arenas. For brand promotion, maintaining application and giving a new framework to the system is our motto toward the digital world.