New Business Establishment

What are the requirements for establishing an entirely new business? There are lots of so as a team Sarathi stands to work together to develop new business /projects for any individuals, for institute as a whole, for family, for foreigners, for national, for international, for layman, for NGO\INGO.

Sarathi business consult has long term vision to build and manage the new business and new projects. We have a team of experienced experts for research of any business startups. Creative and productive ideas of ours are basic terms to emphasize the need of our clients with full project report.

While establishing a new business we recommend our valued clients with available options regarding business startup. After understanding the client’s need and requirement in case of potential business sector, possibilities, ideas, concepts, feasibility, etc. we move head to arrange Financial, Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, Management, IT, legal Procedure, Compliances if any, SOP, Technology, Infrastructure, for successful project implementation.

Once business is ready to operate, we handover the business to the client and That’s the day of the year for SARATHI Again.


Business Ideas And Research

  • We conduct various strategy regarding new business approaches for startups or restructuring your corporate. According to our client need and satisfaction, we suggest business ideas which suit your needs on the basis of your investment plan.

  • With our team, we implement overall research of the location, assets requirement and all taxation procedure.

Identifies and Measure The Risk

  • We assist our client with each availability of resource addressing them with the solution of the required problem and aware them about the possible risk. On the basis of our research report, we identify the upcoming risk related to the financial sector or major losses.

  • With the optimistic nature, we adopt the change need to raised in business related to finance, production, company venture, and human resources to get away from the loss and other consequences.

Load And financial Plan

  • We have the quick provision of addressing our client problem and with the team of expert, we implement various plans to distribute the workload in term to a company employee. We set a major financial goal regarding accounting, income tax, VAT and other expenses.

  • With the attitude of collaboration during times, we set different strategy to raised quality of services and increment of availability of resources in the term of company profitability.

Capital Structure and operation Cost

  • We ensure our client requirement to get fulfilled in term of capital structure which is the combined form of debt, common stock, and preferred stock. We help to maximize the company market value while reducing the company cost capital value with the smooth flow of company assets in a firm platform.

  • To maintain the existence of entity we plan a strong strategy for the operation cost which includes administrative and office expenses.

Business Strategy And Marketing Plan

  • We work as the mediator for our client to achieve success goals in business. From increasing resources to all legal work, we had an innovative strategy and effective policy to maintain it. Funding, restructuring, and operating cost for our client including a selection of human resources.

  • We have a team of professionals who have a unique way of the marketing strategy for your brand, product including digital marketing.

Technology Implementation

  • We execute the task in terms of technology implementation for an organization which is the most time-consuming part of business implementation. Our plan is based on the different factors like location, a number of skilled manpower, the status of existing technology which is executed in different phases from planning to implementation. Technology implementation is based on the company requirement and available resources.

Building and start the business

  • We construct and conduct advanced plans and policies for corporate to give long-lasting benefit to the people associated with it. From planning to executing business, we assist the company to build and grow the operational agreement to the accounting system.

  • We consult our client from creating the basic foundation to the advanced framework of the company including skilled human resources, technology implementation and each legal affairs of company.