Standard operating Procedure (SOP)

Sarathi being itself as a company understands the importance of SOP.

We assist and communicate with the existing or new business to develop effective SOP.

We as a team together consults with the different hierarchy in the management of the company, to find the problems, and resolve with best alternatives.

We perform our work step by step to develop entirely new SOP for new Business or existing ones with in desired period of time and destination.

Our focus is to produce standard and adoptable SOP that helps to run business on daily routine basis for better performance and communication flow targeting the outcome that will leads to objective of company.

Sarathi as a team believe in brainstorming.

We are here to solve your problems and lead you toward lucrative ideas tailored for each project. Each business ideas are executed step by step process to solve the complex problems within the destined time period and location. Sarathi Business consults work with the motto of conducting the operation in an efficient way, producing quality output and excellent performance with proper communication with our client, including discussion in financial activities, diagnosis of problems and help to assist in decision making.


Procedure Study

  • Company success is a topmost priority for us and we go through multiple procedures as marketing, finance and operation task. This procedure study is to identify the business direction and major goals achieved by it.

  • We illustrate the total funding and goals to be laid with a detailed description of the business. We conduct the operative exercise to attract investment and help to distinguish potential competitors.

Set the checklist

  • We set an efficient checklist for the company to commence within the destined time period. For each business we planned the leasing office with accounting setup and business identity.

  • For a business startup we research and implement the strategic plans like name and legal structure, bank account, license and permit, sales tax permit, hire an employee and business insurance.

Defining effectiveness and quality output

  • We use sustainable way and measures to get effective output from the projected sources for the business growth with a defined procedure. We ensure about the excellent products with the least waste of time and funds.

  • We extract maximum output from the taken source in the business like funds, labors, equipment and advanced methodologies. With our advanced and evolved plans we represent the efficient output with minimizing the costs.

Set the uniformity of performance

  • Company performance and the outcome is based on employee performance and for the uniformity we organize multiple training sessions and events to improve the productivity of the company.

  • We set the goals for the employee to improve the performance, training, transfer, hiring new manpower, promotion and retain the competent employee for uniform performance.

Goal-oriented actions

  • We accomplish a standard business strategy for our client according to your business priority and policies. Each business firm has its own intended goal and according to that, we promote business existence and what you do.

  • In our business-oriented promotion it includes customer to know about products/business, awareness program, increase potential customers and recognize destined customers.

Prepare WIP report and Review

  • We develop constructive plans and program for an entity in the purpose of long term goals. We made work on the progress report for our clients to evaluate the work for maximum profit and monitor the work on a regular basis.

  • The report includes spreadsheet program, company revenue, total investment, accounting section, overall profit, job costs and the bills related to earning.