Details Project Report (DPR)

Sarathi helps in decision making for the investment process.

Sarathi as a team believe in brainstorming focused in work to extract Details of project as far as possible.

With an experienced team in house, we collect the data, prepare the detailed report of the business/project, which helps client in decision making process. Produced DPR helps client to decide whether to make investment in the particular project or not. Helps to execute business strategy successfully within estimated budget.

Investment matters and is important so, we are focused in significant work as detail as possible with our experienced experts to address your problems and provide a full detail report for your business/project to support you and your business strategy. Our focused component is our client where we execute the work on a systematic way by proper documentation including all legal issues including finance, accounting, *social, *environment, compliances and taxation. We estimate the time period for each infrastructure, suitable location, required resources and a surplus of your business with successful execution.

Proper use of resources and understanding the current situation we estimate investment required for every certain business projection, foster for decision making and approval for creative business/project implementation.


General Information about Project

  • We construct a productive strategy for an organization that benefits our client which promote understanding and optimistic engagement of people. With supervision and analysis by our team we demonstrate detail project report about each specific information related to location, project type, human resources required and all legal information.

Executive And Organization Summary

  • We assist our clients with the full-fledged report with an overview of the company. Preparing for the upcoming challenges and tackle the company complex problem into simpler form for our clients.

  • We simplify the problems of our clients by identifying the business type and addressing the important plan of the business plan.

Project Description

  • We consult and impart our client with the productive business report after identification of the business type and requirement. We demonstrate a project description by identifying the problem and suggesting the solution to them.

  • We are oriented toward constructing an efficient project including the major goals of company, manpower, objectives and the major project plan.

Risk & Issues Analysis

  • Consulting and crucial advice to our client is one of the major goals of our company. We aware our client with the possible risk could be faced and directing solutions to them.

  • We design the detail report to increase the organization productivity and the major issues need to be solved regarding manpower, product and company policy.

Strategy and Marketing Plan

  • We set certain plans and objectives for successful marketing as instructed by our clients. According to the client business priorities, our marketing team uniformly develop a strong marketing policy for the identified business.

  • We formulate various strategic marketing plans regarding social media marketing, market research, Email marketing, Content marketing, Research and summaries with numerous business plans.

Capital structure and Opportunity

  • We conduct several programs related to business policy and needs where we analyze its debt and equity ratio of the company. We take care of the company assets to be financed in the appropriate place. We consult the company to increase its capital to investors in terms of preferred shares, common shares and finance income.

  • We help the company to reduce the risk of debt and maintain control over the company on ROI.

Financial Aspect

  • We ensure our client growth and better return on investment with the assistance of our services. As per the company status and requirement we analyze and formulate plans to handle the financial sectors which relies on technology as digital accounts, admin of company, income tax, VAT and overall paperwork and legal cases.

Technology build-up

  • We have evolved a method to initiate business by setting a team of experts where we aid with technical aspects by adapting the digital world in your working methods. Electric data processing to IT sector, we handle each section with unique technology to rise in the current market.

Project Implementation

  • We execute our strategic plans after phases of research, analysis and proper vision to the specific business with an individual conclusion. Project implementation is the phase where our visualization comes to reality to reach the global need in the national and international firm.

  • We set individual section of investment, total funding, human resources and technical operation for implementation of the project.