Financial Planning, Projection And Accounting

Finance is very decorated and important word in business world. Sarathi understand this and here we stand as a consultant for financial planning. Consulting each and every financial, taxation and accounting service with advanced professional within house.

Any area of business where finance is required are examined in best as possible.

Considering the present scenario of the market, type of business, investment capacity future estimation is made for client to support in decision making as prior as possible.

Our service is always based on the client desire, where we are oriented to implement the best work without any hassle. Sarathi Business Consult provide financial, taxation and accounting service with advanced professionals.


Design Accounting System

  • With our highly experienced professionals, we manage the accounting section with the computerized method and several designs with manual scripts. To transform the well-informed decision we analyze the finance of the business/entity and assemble a record for handling account base operation.

Prepare Financial Report and Analyzing

  • Designing various structured diagram to re-arranging account section according to business structure. We have specific business plans for each level of business/projects from mid-level to the standard one.

Debt Management and Investment Advisory

  • We have a team of experts who are oriented toward client satisfaction. Analyzing the business condition, we organize structural figure to reduce unsecured debt and assist the debtor for having control over the financial sector.

  • According to the organization assets, we guide our client for the constructive investment with the location, business type with inclusive investment record for the easy compilation of task.

Financial Projection, Budgeting, and Forecast

  • We aid in the financial sector of client business with include Tax, VAT accounting, and office admin.

  • According to client demand, we set a budget for each investment of the company for a new projection, accessing a contract and purchasing an order.

  • With ongoing activities in business, we predict business performance in the business, where it could be a new collaboration in business or defined sales strategy.

Assets and Inventory Management System

  • We set several plans for the entities for the proper use of the assets in the client satisfactory point of view and the aspect is being better with the increment in business.

  • For the proper management and right decision, we watch the flow of business operations. We check the route of the production of the goods to the supply chain and business portion where it gets operated.

Preparation of Cash flow and fund flow Reports

  • We provide a market-leading investment of the cash inflow and outflow in a business where cash position changes from one position to another over a period of time depending on the budgeting. With the cash flow statement, it helps to understand the short term problem that is affecting the liquidity of the business.

  • We assist in fund flow report where we guide about the proper resource to generate the fund after the investment. With this, method, we guide our client with a long-range financial strategy which brings changes in net working capital.

Providing General Accounting consultation and Training

  • We consult our clients with the essential decision making a procedure which helps to analyze their financial status and implement the righteous decision.

  • We provide factual information to maintain the accounting sector of the company where include training sessions to an employee of the company and various tactics for flourishment of an entity.

Preparation of Pricing Method And Annual Profit Plan

  • With the vision of expansion and sustainable growth of the company, we consider cost, demand, and competition for initiating the strong firm of pricing method. We assist our clients with overall management with the pricing method according to the market and consumers demand.

  • Moreover, we direct the business of the whole year, analyzing total profit or loss and focusing on access to new resources according to the liquidity of the company. We execute an innovative strategy to make a crucial decision for the company to expand business in a profitable direction.

Analyzing Cost-Profit Volume And Reports

  • We as a consulting house helps our client to solve the complex problems regarding the cost and volume affecting the company assets. We determine the profit volume of the company by dividing the total fixed costs and submitting the clients with a full-fledged report regarding expenses and profit.

Payroll Management System

  • We execute different policy in term of the payroll of the employee in an accurate way to automate a pay through various technologies.

  • We assist our client with the payroll of an employee through the computational method with well-defined information of employee including specific details. Timely payment of employee wages through online or payslips methodologies.