Business Ideas, Research & Development

To establish a business, our head need to have an idea, plan in particular way for which research is compiled for feasibility followed to development; this is How Sarathi Works.

With increasing complexity, and challenges in the present context, of establishing business, Sarathi is here with sturdy ideas and dynamic business agendas. We, provide overall business ideas with adopted market strategy including financial information depending upon type of business.

We perceive, and diagnose your business need and, provide the best innovative concept with all requirements in business startup’s either national or international, where we assist you with research and conceptualize business ideas.

Moreover, we also help in boosting up your business with all needy researched data, resources and manpower. As being a business consultant, we work along with every business sector like Industry, trading, Hospitality, Finance, Tourism, Construction, projects, INGO, NGO etc. where we are there with notion of business foundation, required resources, outcomes and data about total investment.

Sarathi deals and, Analyze the collected set of ideas, knowledge, plans, techniques, market demand, etc. We assume, research is one of the base which we classify and evaluate. Pin point the problems best to full-fledged strategy to provide strong bonds and management ideas.

We are here to assist in business and also yield creative ideas to execute further business plans.


Emerging Business Ideas

  • Leading the organizations toward superiority in terms of services or products is the current goal of Sarathi Business Consults. We conduct creative business ideas after analyzing the client requirement and execute them in a proportional way to meet the market demand nationally as well as at the international level.

Business Planning and Proposal

  • We with the team of professionals provide a full investigated report for implementation of new business including the hurdle on the way and its benefit. We assist with every possible solution regarding business problems and offer a new business proposal to anonymous or unidentified business startup.

Analysis of Market Trends

  • We are a business consultant with effective ideas and to cope up with the trending market we provide our client with a modern marketing brand strategy according to consumer-based interest. Our services are based on logical and factual research, which help to stimulate the business and helps to match up with the market trend.

Study of Product and Services

  • Initially, we study about the products and services which are hugely in demand and on that analysis we assist our client with an excellent project implementation strategy based on consumer interest. According to the age group of consumer, we have the provision of brand advertising strategy which results in aid of organization growth.

Business feasibility Reports

  • Our focused point as the consultant is the growth and improvement of an organization. We provide a constructive and reasonable business report under the company affordable criteria and feasible solutions to their problems to enhance the authentic solution for company advancement.

Design Prototypes and Trail

  • We use various modern technology for our client to upgrade the business, where we built a concept after analyzing and design various workflow model. We use the various prototype to evaluate the design by our analyst and on the basis of that, we implement new software to solve the problem raised during our analysis.

Technology Analysis and acquirement

  • We are a full-fledged company oriented to serve clients with advanced modern technology for upgrading organization which includes digital marketing, website development, software development and many more.

Technology Implementation and supports

  • In this present era technology had taken the huge portion of trade market which had become one of the reliable sources. We consult and work under the latest technology with a constructive method need to be adopted by our clients for further growth.

Identifies the costumer Point

  • We work under the client requirement, understanding their requirement and providing effective solutions to their complex problems. We extract the best results for client satisfaction focusing on the required portion for each individual business.

Develop business Strategy and Marketing Plan

  • Implementation of righteous business plans under the favored business strategy according to the business need with the involvement of our professionals. We execute several ideas with a productive business relationship and customer base services.

Study of product life circle and upgrade

  • Before enacting any business strategy into action, we analyze the market demand, customer trendiest needs and form creative business schemes for upgrading business, projects, and other brand promotions. Step by step executing the plans in the complex market for rapid growth with customer base services.