Educational Consults

Sarathi business and education consultancy lead you towards your desired path with excellent counseling sessions and proper guidance.

Our target is to provide our students with standard counseling with our counselors, which helps our students to decide correct appropriate decisions for future endeavors. We want to extract best out for our students where we inform about university, courses, counsel about the application for a visa, finance procedure, and Visa Processing and migration. We do, counseling about the foreign policy of education, working hours for student and language procedures.


Career Counseling

  • We advise you with effective career counseling for your planning to study in a foreign country. We provide you with overall information about the education system, working hours and social background. We focus on providing and counseling about objective and rules to follow on foreign land with legal documentation and through a professional counselor.

Study Abroad Advisory

  • We organize different advisory sessions for the interested student to study abroad with detailed information about visa procedure, admission requirement, scholarship offers and financial help.

Visa And Migration Supports

  • We aid with the orientation classes to the interested student for foreign study with visa details. We inform students about the document and application needed to apply for a visa procedure.

  • We provide efficient advice to provide written communication about the application for migration support.