Company Register, Tax, Vat & Audit

As for compliance, and as per rule of government company registration is important, therefore in case of important matters sarathi will assist you.

We will, provide service and accomplish your company registration process, which varies according to the nature, type, capital, national, international, etc.

It’s the requirement of the government to register the particular business in particular registration office depending upon nature of business.

We help and provide services in TAX issues, VAT registration, in its payment either online or offline and process.

In order, to ensure the owner, management, related stakeholders of the organization, sarathi provides provision of auditing of financial statements for fiscal year.

Our inbuilt professional team provide service of preparing Audit Report as well.


Company Registration Service

  • We as a prominent consulting house in Nepal helps you to solve the business related problems including registration, legalization, strategy implementation and growth.

  • We assist you with the registration procedure to make your business independently work for its customer and globalize the services. We handle the documentation process to the office of company register including legal taxation service, trademark registration and copyright claim.

Tax/VAT Management Advisory

  • We provide full-fledged taxation and VAT management advisory which is paid to the government by the vendors. We aid you with management procedure regarding Tax/VAT for risk management as a safe registered entity.

Preparing the Financial Audit Report

  • We have the auditing experts to audit your business finance for appropriate financial oversight. We study all about the entity finance including income, expenditure, investment to accompany the overall documentation process.

Preparing Business/HR/Management Audit Report

  • We formulate the innovative business strategy for all scale of business from analyzing, visualizing and research process.

  • We elect suitable human resources for an organization for excellent performance with several training sessions.

  • Manage the auditing report of the company by assembling the financial report for significant outcome under different documentation process.

Tax compliance

  • We consult the estates/organization to fulfill the tax return within the estimated time. We have the professionals tax consultant to let you know about tax consulting services and tax compliance. We with our team are updated with the taxation procedure even with global standard and solve the dispute of your business arisen in tax compliance.

Tax Representation Before Tax Authorities

  • We aid with the recovery of tax credits represent the client before the tax authority. We formulate plans for negotiation and resolutions of the multiple collected issues of an entity for compromising in the payment plans.

Investment Advice With Tax Advantage

  • We provide advice on the profitable investment with good return of prospects, the timing of investment and tax payment. We with our tax consultant aid you with proper tax awareness for better returns. Deciding the field be invested and evaluating the returns we finalize the tax to be paid for our clients.