FDI, NGO, INGO, Projects & Business Legal Consults

Our services and creative ideas assist various different business and project to get a rise in the national and international level.

We provide innovative business plans including overall well-researched business strategy including the provision of all legal issues. All required service as, tax payment, documentation of corporate business, insurance of company and employee are all our provisions for our clients. Our professional experts address all your financial service and ensure tax and legal compilation where assure the payroll for the employee as well. Our documentation includes the budget flow for the required investment, feasible report of debt management and inventory management.

We promote your business in foreign land according to client interest where we provide a feasible field to invest from the country and can expand the business outside the country. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is the provision of our company for those who are eager to implement the business in a foreign place where we estimate overall investment and suggest the righteous business strategy which is based on customer interest.

As a consult and developer, we assist in project management, helps in developing new ones, provide services in any project requirements.

We handle and provide services in GO, NGO, INGO projects either existing ones or new one.


Foreign Direct Investment Consultancy

  • We conduct a specific program for expanding your business throughout the country. We assist you with the cross-border investment with the collaboration with global investors. This helps you to earn foreign currency being residing inside the country.

  • We suggest you the business entry plan with a detailed report according to your business fit. We help you with the project management procedure for smooth establishment of the business.

Market Analysis for Foreign Direct Investment

  • Foreign Direct Investment is the crucial factor for the economic growth for the developing country like us. We are assisting you with the suitable location, geography in the global map which fits your business and profitable income.

  • We have a team of experts to find out the joint venture for your business in a foreign company which could be helpful to uplift your economy and exchange of ideas.

FDI and Business Legal Documentation Service

  • We help your business to register in legal form to collaborate with the foreign entrepreneurs with the required documentation in the registration unit.

  • Foreign Direct investment could be done in term of loan procedure, import/export of product where it needs to be registered in the ministry of industry. We conduct an overall documentation process to register your company for foreign direct investment.

Business legal Supports

  • We provide the legal business support to your business to protect from the risk to solve the issue arising in the business course. Business legal support is the protection of customers interest where we address the company with proper legal aid. For the existence of the business, legal support is must and we guarantee the complete legal support to you for your representation nationally as well as in international level.

Consultation for a non-governmental organization

  • We as a consultation house in town, are committed toward providing effective advice to even each non-governmental sectors including NGO / INGOs and multiple private companies. We are focused on client satisfaction and work on each preference where we improvise work with research, visualizing and analyze it for systematic execution.