Management Re-Structuring Service

Sarathi Business Consult assists the organization during the critical period with its standard management system which includes re-structuring of operation, management communication system, structure, legal, available HRM, SOP etc... Before changing the current management structure, first we will examine the current situations and decide on the basis of various factors.

We examine the operating system, applied technology, latest training that is being provided to the employee, Policy, rules and regulations, motivational factors, benefits etc.

We assist in re-arranging whole management according to the corporate demand to make it more profitable and heal the crisis related to the debt of the organization.

If the business is going on a crisis or in-case of unexpected turnover, we and organization team, together re-execute the management of a company with new applicable strategy including digital, technology, market, attitude of human resources, nature of an organization and deicide for corporate enhancement. Changing the policy of the company and suggesting skilled human resources according to the company requirement to deal with the critical situation.


Re-structuring Design

  • We design and formulate your improved version of business strategy to remain competitive and to overcome with environmental expansion.

  • Before re-structuring the business we analyze the business status and characteristics of an entity. We do strategic planning for the possible changes and start designing the change program for an organization. We re-structure the management procedure under the strong firm of vision, mission, objective and company priority.

Management Audit

  • We construct a productive strategy in the management sectors where we analyze the company performance while examining the efficiency of work. Management audit includes the nonfinancial audit, where we calculate the management efficiency of an entity.

  • We focus on resolving management problems on the company while producing suitability of work by reviewing company objectives, vision, mission, values and goals.

Technology choices and Analysis

  • Business restructuring is mainly based on the technology in the present digital context. We help management restructured for your business with the appropriate choice of technology which includes building a right team to work together, interactive report about the prototype and training.

  • We assist you with the right list of the vendors and technology for an entity to restructure the management.

Changes to Goal-oriented Action

  • We set goal-oriented actions to analyze and understand business activities and its fluctuations. On the basis of the business performance we conduct enthusiastic programs to bring change in goal-orientation which includes new initiation, maintenance and develop new motto on the management sector.

Smart Procedure selection

  • We target to help our clients in an efficient way by building inbound strategy and setting specific goals to achieve in a certain period.

  • We set smart goals to bring structure to your business while prioritizing the mission and vision of the company.

  • We maintain transparency in business while setting and evolving smart goals with clear milestones and simplify the existence of goals. We select the specific smart procedure to your business which is quite relevant, attainable and timely.

Creating a Supportive Culture

  • We assist you from every aspect of your business to keep its existence and develop the supportive corporate culture that had been continued from a long period.

  • We provide you with strategic business plans and helps to maintain a healthy environment by gaining the trust of your employee, establishing a common value and always giving priority to company ethics and policies. We consult our client to develop a culture which could be inspiring and rewarding the team for the optimistic result.