IT, Website and Software Development

Sarathi’s assurance is website design and development for any business, as we have skilled professional team with experience.

From base to the surface of any project, we initiate the first step to plan various strategy and predetermine the investment for the optimism progress.

We design an attractive website for brand promotion as well as globalize the individual website. We design e-commerce website and provide suitable content which will assist the business to the potential clients.

Sarathi Business consult believes in hard and smart work where technology had become boon for us. To emphasize a business for an online company, we design efficient software according to the consumers need in the market.

Sarathi Consult with its team is working for the innovative software development for online based working companies, which helped to reduce the company hassle work and secure the stable position for future endeavor.


Static & Dynamic Website Design and Development

  • We assist our clients with an attractive website for their business/ product/project with engaging customer based content.

  • We design two main types of website.

  • Static website is constructed using the plain HTML and the code used is easily displayed to the user.

  • Dynamic website is constructed using scripting language PHP, ASPand JSP that can be connected to the database under the user actions.

E-Commerce Website Development

  • Websites have taken a huge place in the digital world which is used for educational, and numerous e-commerce purpose. We assist you by designing the e-commerce sites as per requirement and business status.

  • We analyze the current business strategy and locating about the website builder which fits the need, buy an appropriate plan and register the domain name. We even pick a template to make your website appealing to the customers and direct with several payment procedures through the website to you.

Software Development Expertise

  • We build the software for your business/project to get enhanced in the technical field. To meet the requirement as per market demand our software developers design the advanced software to globalize your product. Creating software for you while keeping in mind about the security of data, UI/UX targeting the audience and testing on a regular basis to eliminate bugs and other issues.

Website Online Marketing: SEO, SMO, SEM

  • We build a website, attractive and engaging as per your requirements and from the marketing point of view, we commence multiple paid and unpaid digital marketing.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is present in an organic search which is quite visible to users often through search engines. We conduct organic promotion of your website by quit effective and engaging quality content as well as with quality links

  • SMO(Social Media Optimization) which helps to increase the visibility of your social media profile, activities and the content posted. This helps you to increase the traffic on the websites with your engaging content, which ultimately puts you on top of google analytics.

  • SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is the paid promotion which helps the visitors to find your website. As it is a paid advertisement, we promote your business websites or, e-commerce via Yahoo, Bing ads and other online platforms. This method is most helpful to get your website on top of search engine results.

Mobile Application Development: iOS, Android, Blackberry

  • We have a team of experts to develop a mobile application in accordance with IOS, Android and Blackberry. We design the mobile application built on a different language for several platforms. We have access to IDEs that is helpful to project the efficient tools to implement the program.

Content Writing Services

  • We ensure you with the engaging content for your social media, websites, blogs with the team of our professionals content writers. We submit your work on time with the scale of ready to publish content on every circumstance.

  • SEO expert content writer gives you assurance to provide you with highly engaging content which could take your website on the top of search engine result.

  • We submit our content in different forms like text, videos, infographics and pictures. We construct the content on the basis of specific age group with a specific audience, so that it converts your visitors into leads throughout marketing procedure.