Social Media and Digital Marketing

With increasing impact, of updating digital world, technology, social media, and digital marketing people need and requirements, are fluctuating with a change in trend. Sarathi Business Consult has the trendiest way to bring your business in the market and to be in competition with an attractive way of presenting a project.

We have various provision of digital marketing where we evaluate the problem raised in the individual business and assist them with attractive and effective digital marketing through Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Face Book, Instagram, Twitter etc. We provide service regarding digital marketing and about social media for the potent marketing and according to the feedback we try to adopt improvement in our effort. Social media is the most used technology, and have become the huge platform for marketing of products and services. Assembling this all information we target the need of consumers to proceed the business in the trendiest way.


Effective Social Media Marketing

  • Social media had become an effective marketing platform for all size of business where its demand is on an increasing basis among all business entities.

  • We manage productive social media marketing with the documented plans and policies for our client. We make your social presence on social media by creating official pages and track your ideal customers.

  • We create engaging content to engage maximum customers on social media and optimize them with well-performing one.

Unique Digital Marketing

  • In the present context of digital marketing, we have well-performing digital marketing team for our clients. We had a distinguished team with paid and unpaid both digital marketing. With SEO, Facebook, organizing live events are an unpaid digital marketing strategy.

  • Our paid digital marketing include facebook post, Google Analytics, Email marketing and Content marketing.

  • We optimize the performance in social media, update the content with an engaging strategy too attract the potential customer toward brand/product or services.

Digital Competence framework

  • We work as the digital marketing house for our clients and we assist our client with better understanding and lifelong understanding of digital competence.

  • Digital competency had taken a huge part in the digital world where our role is to help the entity to use digital tools, attention to security and privacy maintenance.

Providing The Gist Information

  • We collect gist information for our clients to build a stronger relationship with customers and serve the demanded services on customer-based interest.

  • We assemble gist, which became beneficent to determine the social media platform for marketing, know about the targeted group and sell product through social media.