Business Strategy, Marketing, Branding

Sarathi Business Consult with a strong vision and passionate team, towards work are the backbone of our company. As our, business strategy is targeted towards accomplishing the certain business goal had secured a standard position in the market.

We, with our, experienced team we have an innovative approach to initiate business project likewise getting an objective design expected by our clients and bring it to the action. To emphasize a business/project we have numerous marketing strategy with a highly skilled marketing team including digital marketing. With creative and productive manpower, we set various marketing strategy for the promotion of the brand and of a particular business. Indeed, our marketing strategy is based upon people interest which could be based upon age and on the latest trend on the market (basically 4ps -price, promotion, place, product). Our main purpose is to establish a business in this competitive market through effective brand promotion strategy. We invent the creative business idea, launch it and promote them in a customized way according to the tailored need of the clients. To create liveliness in brands we connect our business strategy with public emotions and requirement which evolve distinct and firm position in today’s market.


Effective Business Strategies

  • We work for the convenience of our client where effective business strategy is one of them. From beginners to the professionals we keep on implementing innovative work every day.

  • We always have teamwork to demonstrate our client business in the different online platform from finance to the HR department. We investigate and visualize the strategy for business growth and we add value with various offers to attract a customer in the specified business.

Unique Marketing Plan

  • Business marketing is the most crucial business strategy of our company for our clients. We have a marketing team with an innovative marketing strategy executed in different platform.

  • We promote your business with customer based interest and improved technology which includes Facebook advertisement, Email marketing, Google Adwords, Content marketing and several webinars.

Study and analysis

  • We research, analyze the business conditions, find out problems and find the alternative solutions from the supportive evidence.

  • We thoroughly study the business background and working strategy of certain entity addressing our clients with the most effective solutions with the appropriate recommendations.

  • We demonstrate the changes required in business and formulate the work division under our study and analysis final draft.

Brand Strategy and Equity

  • We promote your brand in order to engage maximum customers accordingly to the specific audience. We set engaging offers for the customer to attract maximum brand loyalty response.Each brand has its own equity in the market and we act as a catalyst for promoting your brand by organizing a campaign to educate customers toward your brand and developing a uniform trust.

Effective promotion Tools

  • With the changing demand in the market, we had also evolved promotional tools for marketing and branding of services/products/business. According to the place and consumer demand, we conduct advertising through online media including inbound and outbound both methodologies.

  • Moreover we conduct sales promotion which is launched on a direct basis to customers or trade. We develop public relation for our clients for the supportive and cooperative relations by awareness campaign and promotional activities.

Goal oriented promotion

  • We set the promotion strategy for our client according to our client business priority and their policies. Each business firm has its own intended goal and according to that we promote business existence and what they do.

  • In our business-oriented promotion it includes customer to know about products/business, awareness program, increase potential customers and recognize destined customers.