HRM, Trainning & Development

Human resource is significant part in any organization, most importantly its management is crucial.

So, sarathi assist in management of available/additional human resource in a better way that the collective actions of operation meet organization motto.

We organize training sessions, work-shop, camping, for enhancement, updating and upgrading the current skills for development.

We focus to enhance individual as well as organization as a whole. Guide the direction to for team work.

With our team, we do our best in development of HR of our client’s Business, which in future meet the goal of employee, employer, owner and organization.

Today in this competitive market, the demand for skilled manpower is increasing with increment in technology and advancement of the era. Since working from years, we are framing the business into the required shape for the positive outcome. The need for the improvement in the business sector and to get matched up with international trade we produce the skilled, productive and experienced human resources for an identified business project. The necessity of human resource is the challenge and for that, we are organizing various program and training session to produce innovative talent for appropriate business placement.

We are organizing training classes according to the need of the client to bring effectiveness in production. Sarathi business Consult to conduct the staffing procedure for its client in an efficient way which improvises the condition of unemployment and produce skilled manpower. Every solution regarding human resources are resolved by the provision of training about product and services, marketing, IT training, digital marketing, personality development counseling, banking/account training and also guide the direction to adapt for teamwork. We organize various program for our client to elect suitable human resource to lead the business to the next level.


Recruitment And selection consultancy

  • We with our team of professionals are dedicated to serving our client for the righteous decision-making process for their business/project.

  • We select skilled human resource with suitable job placement within our client business. We appoint the right person at the right place for the significant growth of organization performance.

Job Analysis And Description

  • We provide a new strategy for the long term sustainable development of an entity, where we play a specific role in job analysis with a thorough study of the job description, skills of candidate, competencies, and responsibility.

  • We provide absolute data about after job analysis and collect information about the working environment according to candidate expectancies.

Job Specification and Rotation

  • We assist in collecting data about the specification of the job including duties, responsibilities, and relationships.

  • We engage the employee in the rotation process where they are assigned to more than one job within the regular interval, which helps them to know about various job specification throughout the employment session.

Defining Salary and wages

  • We are the consulting house engaged in selecting a skilled human resource for crucial growth of the organization. We design a separate strategy for paying an employee in terms of fixed salaries on the designated time and fixed wages for workers according to specific time periods on a task basis.

Employee Performance Appraisal service

  • We keep eye on the performance of the organization and its employee. We keep replacing suitable skilled human resources according to company requirement for excellent performance and appraisal policy based on employee performance.

Training and Development

  • We play the role of a recruitment agency where we are involved in electing suitable candidate according to the requirement of an organization. We provide job opportunity to the youth in need including specific training job sessions for personal growth as well as our client.

Employee Welfare and Motivation Techniques

  • Human resource is the basic part of the organization execution and we are here with the provision of the skilled and experienced employee for specific entities. We help those who are striving for opportunity and conduct multiple motivation and training session to get the best out of them.

  • We assist our client with a skilled human resource with training and motivation session ultimately benefit to an organization in term of position, promotion, and opportunities.