Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sarathi consults for your business?

We work in an incessant way to serve our clients with exclusive service to promote more entrepreneur and for evolution in Nepalese industry. We strive for the extraordinary expansion of entity with our authentic terminologies executed by a team of sarathi.

Our availability in need and deed

We consult our clients with creative business startup with detail documentation and insightful understanding of the project. We assemble the data, analyze and implement in gradual systematic way to receive anticipated result.

Industries we are assisting

We are here for each scale of industry/corporate/entity/individual to help in a righteous and lawful way. We identify the flaws and seek out a newly flanged cure to arise in this competitive world of trade and business.

Our distinctive services in business

We are a Business consultant, Management consultant, Recruitment agency, provision of multiple ISO certified services while handling whole financial section. We are up to date consulting house with a rendering of FDI even for foreign citizen, assisting them to start business inside Nepal.

Our methodologies to consult

We enhance our client business in a constructive and systematic way where we consult in our own premise with the highly experienced team of professionals. We had a flexible working space to provide comfort in understanding and share their own ideas. We extract best solution and execute them for sustain result.

Mentor for the students to guide for further studies

We work as education consultancy, where we direct students to choose their career in their preferable subjects in foreign land. We guide them with the studious environment and offer with multiple universities as desired. We even have multiple scholarship proposal for students based on their academic performance.