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Sarathi Business Consults is recognized as the esteemed business consultant in the town where,

Sarathi consults is company with a motive of providing satisfying services to the potentials. We devlop business, we provide service, help in establishing business, project management, handle projects, management re-structuring in existing business, legal advices, council / service in company registration, compliance, administration, accounts, management, tax, vat, audit, website & software development, digital marketing etc every requirements related to the business. we are involved in a creative and innovative mindset in term of sustained progress with the diversity of business which arrives to assist in correct decision making and strong business implementation.

With a Sarathi’s statement “Today is the right time to start” we stand as a team to develop and consult. For us, you are significant, because we understand and value the need and expectations of yours.

We welcome any individual, organization, diplomats, national, international, government who require any services related to business, you and us, work as a unit so we can, we will “we will work together”, “we will walk together”,

We aimed to bring evolution in the business world with the spirit of converting our ideas into achievement. We believe that a hand on hand effort will sustain the nation with global traders within the country eliminating unemployment and hit the targeted goal.

We rejuvenate the organization by offering constructive alternative plans to get a rise in the market consisting of digital marketing, Financial consultancy including Tax/VAT & Accounting, Website and software development, Advisory services, HR sourcing and management, ISO consultancy and handling of all legal cases.



What are the Requirements? What are the essentials to set and run a business? Do you have entrepreneurship inside you? Do you want to be among one? are you ready to dig the ground?

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Business Ideas, Planning & Proposal

Research, analyze and deliver innovative business strategies to create a strong firm for sustainability in the Nepalese market.

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Business Consulting & Development

Evolving consulting methods with new technologies while digging for perfection and extracting the stereotype concept from an industrial era.

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Start-up & Entrepreneur Advisor

We strive to serve with outstanding ideas while encouraging rising entrepreneur and address with remarkable opportunity to get identified in the current market.

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Beginning from the primary stage and leading to the lucrative stage with our systematic approaches in business while maintaining teamwork and professionalism for productive result.

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Financial Planning & Accounting

Our team of experts assists to reach you toward your tailored destination where we evaluate the present condition and implement an assets management project with a strong financial firm.

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Business Strategy, marketing & Branding

We create a sturdy business agenda as required by clients and after overall market analysis, we operate multiple marketing and branding strategy for long-lasting sustainability and even rise in the global market.

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Management Re-structuring, HRM & Training

Emending business flaws and establishing effective plans by formulating proper use of resources and recruiting effective trained human resource in the right place at the right time.

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Website & Software Development.

Enlarge your business with effectual work from our IT expertise to bring digital innovation in business with attractive websites and fasten business strength with multiple software.

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Moving toward public engagement, we assist your business in the digital field to emphasize your business/product/services in a most preferable arena called social media.

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FDI & legal Advisor

We offer our foreign investor into strong entrepreneur firms for new business ideas while we address them with each legal affairs with our team of professionals, recruit appropriate HR and provide detail report about investment.

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ISO & Standard Certification Supports

Assisting you with the ISO certified services to maintain the standard for further upgrade and get identified in the global market.

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Company Register, Tax/VAT & Audit

To achieve your goals we assist you with our expertise to face the challenges and help in enhancing crucial decision making for your startup. We organize each legal formalities and execute them in term of taxation and keep the record of business for the further auditing sessions.